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Service Design - Royal College of Art


Microplastics are particles of plastic smaller than 5mm, they come from different sources that go from the degradation of general polymers to the washing of synthetic textiles. They are ingested by seabirds and fishes having a chemical impact on them, and on seafood eaters as these chemicals climb up the whole food chain.

CORALLO is a service which aims to create a restorative cycle that minimize the harmful influence of microplastics on the environment, on the health of human beings and other forms of life, thanks to industries and public sectors which collaborate and innovate towards a new circular economy of microplastics.

The service system allows microplastics to be collected in the wastewater treatment plant and be recycled to industries for manufacturing new products. Fashion industries are a potential market for CORALLO as the collected microplastics are suitable to produce the main material of garments with recycled microplastics system.


Minwoo Kim. Nien-Ting Chung. Yueh Ting Chiu. Royal College of Art graduates.

Hannah Kops. Visitor Tutor